Grammar made easy

Grammar made easy

This book is written by Jesse Karjalainen, editor of



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"I picked up this book and was hooked from the first page. The book is thoroughly insightful, educational, informative, and fun."

We live in the information age. Never in history has the need to communicate been so great. We are writing, blogging and speaking more than ever before.

This is a pencil-sharp book about English that puts the "How To" into "reference". Written in an easy-to-read style, it offers accessible and constructive advice to help you improve your English skills. It targets common pitfalls and problem areas, exposes several language myths and is bursting with 1500 examples of both right and wrong usage.



100 conversations about the English language


"... a must-have reference book for anyone trying to write (or, indeed, speak) good English ..."

The Joy of English cuts to the heart of what readers want: help with their English. Its 100 short chapters are written in plain English and provide answers to the questions that we are all too afraid to ask – amateurs and professionals alike.



Straight to the point


"... should be commended for infusing it with an infectious sense of joy that leaves the reader wanting to strive towards the improvement of his or her own use of the English language."– review

There are hundreds of books about English, so why write another one? In many ways, The Joy of English is intended to be an antidote to books that either put people off or put them to sleep.

This book will teach you not just about grammar but important aspects of spelling, punctuation, word order, common errors, capitalisation, language myths and the subtle differences between British and US English. These are what the author considers “the best bits”; small areas of usage that will improve your English for ever.

"A punctilious desk ally."

The aim of this book is to give good advice about the English language without getting bogged down in moral panics or the minutiae of grammar and parts of speech. It gets straight to the point and provides the answers to common questions about language usage.


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